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Path of Exile player numbers spike after latest expansion

Published: 09:03, 07 February 2022
Grinding Gear Games
Path of Exile: Siege of the Atlas
Path of Exile: Siege of the Atlas

Path of Exile is enjoying all-time high in popularity as the latest expansion brought in more new players than anyone could have expected.

Grinding Gear Games launched Siege of the Atlas expansion for Path of Exile recently and while such events usually result in player spikes, no one could really anticipate the size of this one. It went on to break the previous concurrent player records and propel Path of Exile to the top 10 most played games on Steam.

The new concurrent player record on PC is now 158,882 but the good news for the devs doesn't stop there. They announced that the overall concurrent player record has been broken as well, with 270,260 playing the game at the same time across all platforms.

Given the high concentration of players, it's safe to assume Path of Exile is going to be just fine until the sequel comes along but then again, it's hard to predict outside factors that might tangle with the development. After all, we were supposed to get a beta in 2020 but the complications with Covid-19 resulted in the game getting pushed back to 2024.

Either way, GGG folks seems to be pushing new content out like there is no tomorrow, which is a healthy way of keeping a community engaged. After all, while most games are shedding players permanently, this F2P title from nine years ago is breaking records.

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