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Path of Exile gets announcement date and teaser for 3.13.0 expansion

Published: 10:54, 31 December 2020
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Raiding the Syndicate's safehouses

Grinding Gear Games have revealed the official date for the announcement of Path of Exile's upcoming 3.13.0 expansion, and there's a teaser trailer too.

Now, we're not big fans of announcing announcements but it is what it is, as GGG decided to give fans time to prepare and shake off that New Year's hangover before they dive into new Path of Exile features. 

"On January 7 at 11am (PST), we will announce Path of Exile's 3.13.0 expansion which includes new end-game content, a new challenge league, new skills, items and more. Alongside our regular announcement page, we'll be revealing in-depth details of this expansion via an exclusive livestream at", they wrote. 

For Path of Exile fans in Europe, that's 7:00pm GMT, by the way, and GGG prepared a lengthy repertoire of the occasion. 

The stream will kick off with the official expansion trailer for Path of Exile 3.13.0, just to get the juices going. The juiciest parts are coming afterwards, though, as the dev will be taking a deep dive into just about everything the expansion offers. 

Path of Exile players will get to see the new gems in action, along with detailed explanations of underlying mechanics. That said, GGG pointed out that they won't be going into details on every single balance change, as that would extend the stream to probably a month of running time. 

Grinding Gear Games Path of Exile Path of Exile

If you've got specific questions by then, Path of Exile 3.13.0's deep dive will be followed by a Q&A session with Ziggy and Chris Wilson. Fans are sure to get a kick from the upcoming expansion, but first things first - New Year's hangover.

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