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Patch 23.2 for PUBG brings new Recall mechanic and more

Published: 14:31, 17 May 2023
PUBG: The new patch brings the Recall mechanic
PUBG: The new patch brings the Recall mechanic

The new patch for PUBG will bring the revive mechanic called Recall and some other updates, such as carrying knock-down teammates and clans. Update will go live today on PC and on May 23, on consoles

Player Unknown's Battlegrounds , or PUGB as it is known by most of the players, was the first game to introduce us to the Battle Royal multiplayer mode. The concept of this mode was quite simple back then: be the last man to survive the battle, and you are the winner.

As many other games decided to adapt this mechanic to their respective multiplayers, the concept started to change to the point where some basic rules were abandoned. Now, even PUGB has to adapt, and with the new patch, Krafton  decided to add a revive mechanic to their battle royale called Recall, along with some new mechanics like carrying knocked-down teammates and putting them into the vehicles.

The whole concept works very similarly to Apex Legends : you need to pick up a blue chip from a fallen player and activate it in a special location. Alternatively, a portable transmitter is available to speed up the process, but in any case, you should be careful that the opponent does not steal the blue chip of your fallen comrade to prevent his respawn.

Players of PUBG are aware that this is not the game's first revival mechanic. A Comeback BR for self-revival has also existed for a while, but it is only applicable to select maps. The recall mechanic will only be available in normal and custom matches, and it will only be available on the Erangel, Miramar, and Deston maps.

The new 23.2 update for PUGB will be available as of today for the PC  version of the game. Console users, however, will have to wait until May 23, 2023, for the new patch and the new options to become available for them.


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