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PUBG update 13.1 adds burning plane, secret rooms with loot and more

Published: 08:28, 28 July 2021
PUBG's plane is on fire
PUBG's plane is on fire

Krafton have shared the full patch notes for PUBG update 13.1, which introduces a ton of new content and changes. The highlights include burning plane, a secret room with loot, multi-care packages, buff to snipers and much much more.

PUBG Update 13.1 brings a fresh batch of content and Krafton have detailed everything in the full patch notes on the PUBG website. The update is pretty big and it includes new features, many changes to gameplay, and map updates. So without further ado, let's check out some of the highlights:

  • The emergency landing plane
    • Moves faster than the standard plane but the fall height varies greatly
    • The farther you jump at the beginning of the flight, the farther you can travel. The later you jump off, the shorter you can travel
    • If you decide not to jump off the plane, you’ll take 50% damage at the end of its journey.
  • Secret Rooms with loot 
    • Hidden keys are scattered across Taego and can be looted, then used to access the Secret Room.
    • Items in the room:  Self AED, Scopes, Low chance of Care Package items, Large number of healing items and throwables  
  • Multi-Care Packages
    • Included items: Ammo, healing items, throwables. Standard Care Package spawn items can also be found inside, with low probability.
  • Increased the number of Care Packages
  • Sanhok updates
    • Added small cliffs and rocks to be used as cover on the south beach of the northwest island.
    • Relocated the Temple. 
    • Removed the buildings which did not have item spawns and replaced them with new buildings containing item spawns.

Krafton PUBG's new loot room PUBG's new loot room

Other changes

  • New end screen 
  • Snipers buffed
  • DMRS nerfed 
  • Rocks on NW Sanhok
  • Temple change 
  • Buzzkill SLR 
  • Progressive Weapon 
  • Added meme features 
  • Spray feature

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