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PUBG: Deston map screenshots, release date, new features and more

Published: 13:00, 27 June 2022
Updated: 13:02, 27 June 2022
PUBG screenshot deston map
PUBG - Deston

We're bringing you the first screenshots and details of PUBG's new map named Deston, which is launching on July 13. 

Over the weekend, we had an opportunity to take a first in-depth look at PUBG's new map named Deston, thanks to a media event hosted by Krafton, who revealed a ton of new details in the preview including first screenshots, key art, release date and much more.

Below, you'll find the rundown of the new map and some extra so read on if PUBG is your cup of tea and if you're excited to hunt for the chicken dinner on Deston.

  PUBG Deston map overview and new mechanics

PUBG devs stated that this is the largest, tallest and densest map ever in PUBG. It's an urban setting map with tall vertical buildings but also hills, plans and swamps. 

The aim is to deliver the sweet spot between fun gameplay and immersion, they said. 

Check out the full map overview below:

Krafton PUBG - Deston overview PUBG - Deston overview

Deston introduces a couple of entirely new mechanics - Ascender, Emergency Parachute and Gas Pump stations. Here's is a detailed description of each of them.

Ascender - The ascender is a motorized pulley and players can expect to find them attached to the wall of certain buildings, including special Cell Towers. This new mechanic will allow players to seamlessly traverse from the ground to the top of a building and back down. Additionally, players will not have to carry any special items to utilize the Ascenders and its speed can be adjusted by the sprint key.

Emergency Parachute - The Emergency Parachute is a default item in players’ inventories and remains always-on, so the parachute will redeploy for players who may snag their parachute while dropping into the map and save them from the ground ending the match prematurely. Additionally, the special Cell Towers that have Ascenders on them will allow players to combine the Ascender with the Emergency Parachute and create a slingshot-like movement to travel around the map.

Gas Pump Stations - Deston will introduce working gas stations for players to fill up vehicles as they’re traveling around the map. However, be warned that these Gas Pump Stations can experience the full effect of Michael Bay explosions if they are shot at. 

  PUBG Deston map release date

Deston map is officially launching on Wednesday, July 13, 2022. 

Krafton PUBG screenshot showing deston map on sunrise PUBG - Deston

  PUBG Deston map new gear and weapons

Deston will also introduce new gear and weapons. 

The Blue Chip Detector is the new tactical gear option. It's a close-quarters version of the Spotter Scope, helping players detect the location of other players within a short radius. 

However, the Blue Chip Detector has a small delay in detection so it won't display other players' locations in real-time nor the exact vertical position when used in urban districts.

The Origin 12 and The MP9 are the two new weapons that arrive with Deston. The Origin 12 is a slug shotgun with superior accuracy and range to make it more efficient across all areas of the map. The MP9 is a new, high-powered SMG that specializes in close-quarter situations.

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