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Returning PUBG players are receiving wrongful permanent bans

Published: 08:11, 03 August 2022
Returning PUBG players report permanent bans after playing only a couple of matches on Steam
Returning PUBG players report permanent bans after playing only a couple of matches on Steam

Players who made their return to PUBG after a long break report that they've been wrongfully banned after playing a couple of matches on Steam. 

PUBG is one of those games that players keep returning to on a regular basis for a couple of reasons. The first one is obviously nostalgia. 

PUBG was the first globally popular battle royale game that pretty much introduced the genre to a wide audience, blazing the trail for Fortnite , Apex Legends and Call of Duty: Warzone among others. 

And it also has the charm and unique feel that no game on the market has despite all the shortcomings. 

But those who returned to PUBG over the last couple of weeks report an unusual welcome. After playing only a couple of matches, players got a notification saying they've been permanently banned. 

"I logged off of steam for about 2 days and I just got back on my pc to see that I am banned for absolutely no reason,"  one Redditor wrote.  

Others added that they've played five games with friends after not playing for over a year, only to receive a permanent ban. 

Krafton PUBG's new Taego map Players report that Krafton have been automatically reversing the ban, apologizing for an obvious mistake

PUBG subreddit has several, almost identical posts regarding the bans but the good news is that Krafton support have already started reversing these bans.

Some players had to contact support to get their account back but others claim that Krafton reversed the ban automatically, apologising for the mistake. 

Unfortunately, Krafton support did not say what is causing the wrongful permanent bans for returning players. Some Redditors speculate that it could be third-party software running in the background that is causing the bans but Krafton are yet to comment on that.

Hopefully, Krafton will soon look into the issue more closely and perhaps work on a client-side update that will stop these permanent bans from occurring. 


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