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Overwatch 2 monetisation is so bad players are wishing for loot boxes

Published: 09:57, 07 November 2022
Overwatch 2 - People asking for loot boxes to return
Overwatch 2 - People asking for loot boxes to return

When people are asking for a predatory monetisation practice to return, you know people behind Overwatch 2 pricing messed up big time.

Loot boxes are easily the worst type of monetisation to happen to gaming due to their gambling roots that could easily lead people to overpay for content as a result of RNG.

However, when loot boxes are implemented in such a way that they are obtained on the regular by simply playing the game, they are no different than loot chests that have been present in RPGs for decades.

On the flip side, when Overwatch 2 allowed people to buy exactly what they want but inflated so prices horribly that they caused massive backlash, Blizzard had to figure out they are doing something wrong.

The sadness of the situation was not lost on the fans, some of whom decided to voice their protests during the Overwatch League broadcast last weekend.

As you can see on the image next to Reinforce, the caster, one fan is waving a sign that is asking Blizzard to bring back loot boxes.

While it may look naive at first, the reason behind is that the original Overwatch eventually had a rather fair loot box monetisation system. Yes, people could purchase boxes and not know what they will get but the game didn't actually push anyone into buying them.

Blizzard Overwatch 2 - Halloween event 2022 Want a Halloween skin? That would be $20

There was no massive grind needed to unlock things, the rather frequent level-ups brought the boxes regularly and you could score additional ones through Arcade modes as well as events.

We get none of that in Overwatch 2 where pretty much every skin will require people to shell out $20 each instead, with the sole exception being the battle pass where we can pay $10 to get the privilege of grinding for cosmetics.


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