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One company holds all territories on New World's biggest EU server

Published: 10:18, 24 October 2022
Amazon Game Studios
New World - A look at the Ennead
New World - A look at the Ennead

Despite Amazon Game Studios' efforts, mega-companies are still managing to kick out the competition and rule everything in New World.

New World has been having problems with big companies for a long time now and despite Amazon Game Studios trying different ways to limit their powers, they are still coming out on top.

One of the best examples is going on currently in Europe's most populated server, Nysa, where a Syndicate company and its shells are controlling the vast majority of the map at any given moment.

Recently, they managed to capture the entire map , leading to an unprecedented consolidation of power in the game, which the players didn't miss out on.

Covenant and Marauder companies eventually manage to win a war or two from time to time, letting them control a very small portion of the map and pocket some money but the vast majority still ends up in the ruling mega-company's coffers.

Amazon Game Studios New World - Nysa situation in the morning hours of October 24, 2022 New World - Nysa situation in the morning hours of October 24, 2022

Similar situations can be found on other servers as well, with Dry Tree having been dominated by a company named after a certain kind of tree, although there are rumours about them falling apart, which could either result in a more balanced distribution of territories or another megacorp jumping in to grab everything.

In the end, AGS' thought-out plan for distributing tax money is rendered useless because it eventually ends up in the same company's pockets anyway, meaning we still need a better system to keep these groups in check.

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