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New World disables 18 world bosses' drops due to excessive farming

Published: 02:53, 21 October 2022
Amazon Game Studios
New World - New Corsica
New World - New Corsica

New World's Brimstone Update has become a farm fest for numerous players and the devs are seeking ways to stop it.

Loot caves are always fun in MMOs but having them around for a prolonged period of time could be detrimental for long-term engagement.

Amazon Game Studios seem to be well aware of this issue, which is why they already disabled the drops from two open-world mini-bosses in New World and are now extending that list.

The reason is simple - players saw an opportunity to farm up easy loot and seized it rather quickly, which prompted AGS to disable loot from said bosses and distribute it elsewhere.

As of October 21, 2022, the list of bosses will disabled loot is as follows:

  1. Primus Falco
  2. The “Manticore”
  3. Herdmaster Metasha
  4. Minos the Bull
  5. Lamplighter Anedjti
  6. Amishah of the Dunes
  7. Featherbane
  8. Dry-Nose Hylactor
  9. Assessor Shadet
  10. Guardian of Diospolis
  11. Imperial Ambassador Li Bai
  12. Praetorian Simone Moreau
  13. Praetorian Jadzia Zajac
  14. Praetorian Luca Brandt
  15. Praetorian Emiliano Malatesta
  16. Creation of Aviva
  17. The Sneak
  18. Queen Ta-Bitjet

AGS New World - Crassus' Rise farming spot, Falco appears in front of the altar New World - Crassus' Rise farming spot, Falco appears in front of the altar

Interestingly enough, the list doesn't include Heka of the Crossroads, who holds two very powerful pieces of gear and who is also a target of some intense farming efforts.

You might want to jump in and grab the cat's loot while you can.

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