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LoLdle solutions October 24, 2022 - "Is that salt on the wind"

Published: 23:17, 23 October 2022
Updated: 23:57, 23 October 2022
Riot Games
League of Legends - Maokai is returing to top lane once again
League of Legends - Maokai is returing to top lane once again

Today's LoLdle solutions included a funny interaction that was a result of countless jokes by the fans about a certain champion that is usually picked by toxic teammates.

LoLdle is back with another set of puzzles that should be quite interesting for the fans of Riot Games ' incredibly popular MOBA , including a joke that just gets funnier every time someone uses it to poke fun at a particularly annoying champion.

As always, keep in mind the solutions are obvious spoilers so make sure you skip the ones you want to solve on their own. 

We've arranged the solutions in the same order as LoLdle puzzles so unless you started from one down the line, you shouldn't find any unwanted spoilers.

LoLdle Classic solution

The correct cues for this champion are:

  • Gender: Male
  • Position: Jungle
  • Race: Human, Spiritualist
  • Resource: Energy
  • Range type: Melee
  • Region: Ionia
  • Release date: 2011 

Solution for this one is Lee Sin.

Quote solution

"Is that the taste of salt on the wind? Ah... hello, brother."

This particular line is a reference to the one and only 0/10/0 power spike enthusiast in the game - Yasuo. The line is spoken by his brother, Yone, which is the quote solution of the day.

Riot Games League of Legends - Vel'koz Wrong type of tentacle

Ability solution

The image of a tentacle in green tint leaves little room for doubt - it's Illaoi. As for the bonus question, the answer is "Passive".

Splash art solution

Saplings are visible in the splash art cutout so it's quite obvious Maokai is the champion in question.

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