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New World silently removes damage type penalties in PvE

Published: 03:37, 22 October 2022
Updated: 03:38, 22 October 2022
Amazon Game Studios
New World - Brimstone Sands farming
New World - Brimstone Sands farming

Amazon Game Studios didn't really do a good job mentioning one of the major changes for PvE damage but it's a good one for the players so no harm done.

New World players often found themselves vexed with their weapons of choice suddenly dealing miserable amounts of damage, depending on what they have equipped and the type of enemy they face.

Having a rapier and bow equipped while going up against Lost enemies was a giant thorn in the player's side but thankfully, Brimstone Sands removed that obstacle from the journeys in Aeternum.

Amazon Game Studios removed all the damage penalties that were based on the weapon and enemy type although they didn't really make a highlight of it in the patch notes.

A single line of text stated that innate creature resistances were removed and these things would only happen if a specific Affix was used for an enemy or if they were a part of a Mutated expedition.

Amazon Game Studios New World - New Corsica New World - New Corsica

What that means for the every day normal adventurer is that they don't have to worry about bringing thrust damage against Lost or Angry Earth, slash damage against the Ancients and strike (blunt) damage against the Corrupted.

The only remaining modifiers are the positive ones so it's easier to keep track of what kind of weapon to bring into which particular expedition.

Damage bonuses after Brimstone Sands are as follows:

  • Strike has 20 per cent bonus against Ancients, 10 per cent against The Lost
  • Slash has 20 per cent bonus against Angry Earth
  • Thrust has 20 per cent bonus against Beasts and Corrupted

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