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Nvidia "unlaunches" the reviled RTX 4080 GPU

Published: 23:40, 14 October 2022
Nvidia RTX 4080
Nvidia RTX 4080

Nvidia ran into a ton of controversy over the latest attempt to gouge the fans and decided to somewhat backtrack their boneheaded move.

Nvidia has been enveloped in controversy for the past few years for multiple good reasons, mostly revolving around price gouging that was inflated by the crypto craze.

However, the attempt to milk the customers with the new generation of RTX GPUs took it too far, at which point the fans rebelled to the point the company had to do something to appease them.

RTX GPU models ending with "XX80" are normally seen as the beginning of the high-end line of products for each generation but Nvidia tried to squeeze the "XX70" medium-tier GPU into the category in order to enjoy a price hike.

We are talking about RTX 4080 12GB of course, the one that hasn't been released yet and it still caused so much dissent that Nvidia decided to "unlaunch" it while citing apparent confusion between having two RTX 4080 GPUs at launch, with the other one being the 16GB version.

Nvidia Nvidia showcased the new Overdrive ray-tracing preset and DLSS 3 in today's RTX 4000 series reveal Nvidia showcased the new Overdrive ray-tracing preset and DLSS 3 in RTX 4000 series reveal

It's highly likely these cards will simply be reissued as RTX 4070 at a later point in time and it remains to be seen whether the price will be brought down at all since paying $900 for one is overkill by any standards.

Nvidia's "unlaunch" announcement didn't mention any price adjustments for RTX 4080 16GB so it's unlikely the customers will get any benefit in the long run.

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