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RTX 3060 Ti specs and benchmarks leak, suggest a great mid-tier GPU

Published: 22:17, 26 November 2020
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Nvidia and AMD are still duking it out for various victories in the field of the next generation of GPUs and it seems like Team Green's next mid-tier entry has leaked.

RTX 3060 Ti will supposedly feature 38 SMs/CUs with a maximum frequency of 1.67 GHz along with 8 GB of VRAM. As a reference, RTX 3070 features 1.73 GHz boost clock and the same amount of VRAM, suggesting a difference in the performance of 10 per cent or so. Keep in mind that this is still just a tiny bit of specs information about the GPU and it may not reflect the reality in the end.

However, APISAK, the same person who leaked the specs one week prior, has now posted some benchmark results as well and they suggest the same performance discrepancy.

If this turns out to be the case when benchmarks officially come around and RTX 3060 Ti indeed ends up costing $349, it will surely be a great GPU for mid-tier gaming rigs, especially because it will outperform the pricey RTX 2080 and be on par, if not slightly better than RTX 2080S.

That said, with the Coronavirus situation and the ridiculous scalper prices we are running into, it's highly possible most people won't even be able to get the cards at launch.

Staying patient a bit longer should offer a great payout for those who resist the urge to purchase the cards at inflated prices. After all, if you are ready to more than MSRP for a 3060 Ti, you might be able to get a 3070 in a couple of months, without even paying extra.

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