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RTX 3060 will be inefficient for crypto mining, gamers rejoice

Published: 21:15, 18 February 2021

Nvidia is certainly going to win some fans with the latest move where they decided to make RTX 3060 underperform in cryptocurrency mining operations while retaining performance otherwise.

Gamers have been having issues with GPU shortages for years now, largely thanks to cryptocurrency farms that soak up most of the graphics card stock that makes it to the market. This is also one of the biggest factors why GPUs have such an inflated price these days, further making the gamer populace dislike the miners.

It appears that Nvidia saw this as a great opportunity to earn some goodwill with the gamers as they decided to make the RTX 3060 perform 50 per cent worse when it comes to hashing , meaning the GPU will pretty much be nerfed for the mining purposes. 

On the other hand, this should not affect the card's performance when it comes to gaming which gives the fans hope that we might actually see some of them hit the market. Then again, retailers have already started posting RTX 3060 cards at inflated prices, way before the card will be actually launched, which leaves us to wonder if the price will go down if the stock isn't immediately eaten up by scalpers and miners.

Considering the huge shortage of the newest generation of GPUs from both AMD and Nvidia, it's highly likely RTX 3060 won't be waiting around for long and it's possible this will let the retailers keep the cutthroat prices.

Nvidia Promotional image for GeForce RTX 2080 Ti by Nvidia GeForce RTX 2080 Ti was supposed to become obsolete with 30 series but the shortages made previous owners regret selling them at low prices

Nvidia didn't just outright spurn the miners either as they announced hardware that should be specifically tailored for them.

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