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ArenaNet dedicates Guild Wars 2 NPC to indomitable survivor child

Published: 23:26, 14 October 2022
Guild Wars 2 - April of Queensdale
Guild Wars 2 - April of Queensdale

ArenaNet will participate in a charity run next month and part of that involves paying homage to a girl that does not give up by introducing an NPC modelled in her likeness to Guild Wars 2.

Starting on November 4, 2022, ArenaNet will participate in the 24-hour stream marathon for Extra Life Game Day charity and as you can imagine, it benefits numerous children who are less fortunate in life.

As a part of that endeavour, Guild Wars 2 will get a new NPC - April, who hails from a village called Garenhoff, in the vicinity of Divinity's Reach.

Despite her young age, April is an ambitious and adept Mesmer who is voiced by Jennifer Hale who is also the actress behind the most potent Mesmer we've met in Guild Wars 2 - Queen Jennah.

Being a Mesmer prodigy is not the only thing that makes this NPC special as she is modelled after April Lynn Arellano. At just 15 months old, April was transported by her parents to a local hospital as she had a 105-degree fever.

Upon arrival, the doctors diagnosed her with pneumonia but couldn't treat her there so the parents had to move her to Children's Health of Orange County (CHOC) where April was quickly treated for septic shock, which is fatal in 98 per cent of cases involving children.

CHOC April's story on the CHOC hospital website April's story on the CHOC hospital website

Thanks to the swift decision-making by the parents, the adept work of the medical staff and the persistence of the toddler herself, April made it through the ordeal but not before gangrene had set in her right calf.

As a result, the doctors had to amputate the right leg, saving the child's life in the process. 

Roughly nine years later, April is a 10-year-old with a vigorous spirit and dance moves to show off at the local theatre. Another passion of hers is video game entertain where she will soon be able to see a character made in her likeness.

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