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Samsung adds Google Stadia and Nvidia GeForce now to new TV models

Published: 09:00, 03 January 2022
New Samsung TV models will come with pre-installed  GeForce Now and Stadia
New Samsung TV models will come with pre-installed GeForce Now and Stadia

Samsung's new TV models will have pre-installed Nvidia GeForce now and Google Stadia cloud streaming services. 

South Korean tech giant Samsung have announced new TV models at CES 2022 and some big additions to their Tizen system such as a Gaming hub, which now has several new apps including GeForce Now and Google Stadia.

Selected 2022 TV models from Samsung will come with pre-installed apps for both cloud gaming platforms with a full library of games. Samsung say that users will be able to pair third-party controllers to the TV and no console or any other hardware is required to use the apps, as expected. 

Interestingly, new Samsung TVs don't come with the Xbox Cloud Gaming app, despite Samsung and Xbox partnership that brought Game Pass on Android earlier this year. 

It's possible that Samsung are waiting for the official release of Xbox Cloud Gaming, which is still in the beta phase, expected to have a full launch soon, potentially in 2022, before adding the app to their TVs.

Nvidia artwork showing Nvidia Geforce Now devices Nvidia GeForce Now is available on a wide variety of devices

Samsung are yet to confirm which models will be getting the new Gaming Hub or if they plan to add it to earlier 2021 models. 

Cloud gaming apps on TVs are, of course, nothing new or groundbreaking since many other TV manufactures such as LG for example have included both Nvidia GeForce Now and Google Stadia on their TV models. 

Thanks, CNET.

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