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Anthem could see 65 per cent improvement with Nvidia DLSS

Published: 12:03, 03 April 2019
picture showing characters from Anthem

And here we were hoping that it will be BioWare who will make Anthem better, but it seems they're to busy trying to teach journalists finer points of truth telling, so Nvidia stepped up with their Deep Learning Super Sampling technology.

Jokes aside, any self-respecting gamer knows the importance of hardware optimisation, which is why updating drivers can really help with specific games and workflows. Well, most of the time at least.

This is perhaps even more evident when it comes to Anthem, and we're not just saying that because its performance has been occasionally, erm, erratic. We're saying it because, for all its flaws, Anthem can look really pretty at times, and then it gets erratic, which is the story of its life at the moment.

As for the green team's tech Deep Learning Super Sampling, it's basically intelligent frame analysis and processing in an Nvidia pipeline. The algorithm under the hood first sifts through a bunch of generated images, where it learns to tell the good from the not as good ones. It then starts generating quality patterns itself, which is why it can achieve realism at a very low hardware cost.  

"DLSS is designed to boost frame rates at high GPU workloads (i.e. when your framerate is low and your GPU is working to its full capacity without bottlenecks or other limitations). If your game is already running at high frame rates, your GPU’s frame rendering time may be shorter than the DLSS execution time. In this case, DLSS is not available because it would not improve your framerate", Nvidia explains.

If, however, you're squeezing the last drops from your dead-any-minute-now card,  DLSS could come in handy. Estimating the extra juice is a bit difficult without knowing the source material, but Nvidia reported 6 to 40 per cent improvement in Battlefield V while Eurogamer claim up to 65 per cent.

Nvidia Photo of Nvidia's 01 April joke device Nvidia R.O.N. in action Nvidia R.O.N.

Nvidia also mentioned that the DLSS AI is still learning and since it never sleeps, it can keep getting better and better. We're not really sure what to think about not letting the robot sleep though, cut the poor AI some slack Jensen pls.

You can find Eurogamer's test results here and Nvidia's .

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