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Anthem's revamped loot system will let you reroll inscriptions

Published: 17:27, 31 July 2020
Picture of a javelin in a hangar from Anthem by BioWare

Head of Bioware's Austin studio Christian Dailey posted a rare Anthem update, where he recapped everything the team are planning to do with the game's loot and rewards system.

We're still talking about the early days of what's called Anthem 2.0 so don't expect immediate changes. That said, there's a lot to be excited about, as Dailey and his team finally started taking cues from games that nailed the looting-shooting aspect. 

"We fell short here and we realized that building something new from the ground up was going to be required – starting with taking a long look and understanding the best in class of the many great games that inspire us. Based on this research, along with your thoughts and feedback, we planned some high-level goals and changes we wanted to try", he said. 

These are increasing the frequency of loot drops, and making items better and more competitive, where all the loot rarities will have strategic value. You can also pursue specific loot without relying on randomness, and perhaps the most important - you'll be able to modify loot, reroll inscriptions and level up items.   

  • Each item has an inscription “budget”, based on its Power and Rarity
  • No more useless items because they were missing must-have inscriptions (see “Increased weapon dmg by +225%”)
  • Exceptional items are about getting the exact types of bonuses you want, instead of maxing values on every bonus

EA Anthem, a golden Ranger Javelin Anthem, a shiny Ranger

Anthem's moveable power cap will let the loot system scale accordingly and Dailey promised that Bioware's advanced telemetry data will be used to make meaningful balance changes. 

Anthem, action RPG shooter by BioWare and Electronic Arts

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