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Anthem: Sayrna's Regulator Shop to sell Legendaries for Coin

Published: 21:46, 10 March 2020
Updated: 21:48, 10 March 2020
Anthem's Javelin Storm in purple style
Anthem, there's a royal Storm brewing

It's been more than two weeks since Bioware's birthday update of Anthem, and while the latest one may not sound that meaningful, it will certainly make it easier for players that are yet to reach level 30, letting them buy Legendaries for Coin.

"Today, we’ve rolled out an update that will change what’s for sale in the Regulator Shop in Fort Tarsis. Since its introduction, the Regulator Shop, owned and operated by the lovely Sayrna, has specialized in providing players an opportunity to exchange Coin for various crafting components", they wrote. 

Bioware acknowledged that the shop becomes less of a resource for Anthem players beyond level 30, and while that's probably an understatement - it's enough of a meaningful change to suggest the dev is silent for a reason.

"Starting today, the Regulator Store will begin to sell Legendary items (exclusively for Coin). You’ll have the option to purchase a Legendary Weapon or a Legendary item for each class. Level 30 players will get these items at 80 power and players below level 30 will get these items scaled to their respective levels", they said. 

As you'd expect, not all Anthem players care about the change, or more specifically, don't care for it unless Bioware increase the number of coin-earning activities. We suppose these sort of tweaks should follow. 

If you haven't logged on in a while, you should know that all players doing so until 24 March 2020 will be getting four exclusive Empowered vinyls, one for every Javelin, and a fresh material - Painted Metallic Flake. These are meant to be Anthem's birthday presents and require no unlocking.

EA Anthem, a golden Ranger Javelin Anthem, a shiny Ranger

You can learn more about the post-Icetide plan for Anthem , as Bioware decided to drop Seasons and seasonal content in favour of an actual overhaul, the sort that most of the community has been clamouring for. 

This latest Anthem change is already online, and you can find the announcement on the game's forums .

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