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EA to decide what to do with Anthem this week

Published: 02:58, 09 February 2021
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With all the promises of an Anthem rework turning into excuses and the game seemingly slipping through the cracks at BioWare, EA will be making a decision on what to do with the troubled game this week.

As reported by Bloomberg, EA will have to decide whether continuing work on so-called Anthem Next makes sense. 

BioWare has a dedicated team of about 30 devs working on the long-awaited rework, which according to some of them is insufficient manpower for the task they set out to do. In fact, they're claiming that the Anthem Next project needs to be triple in size before we talk about concrete results. 

Now, Anthem Next was a thing almost since the game launched, but the results are few and far between. BioWare's personnel shifting and high-profile departures ensured that all players received is a bunch of plans and blog posts to read while playing the same ol' Anthem.

EA now get to decide whether to commit to what seems like a sinking ship or cut their losses, and we must admit it doesn't look good for the game.

It was quite telling that EA's CEO Andrew Wilson never once mentioned Anthem in his defence of BioWare during an investor Q&A, and it's certainly not a game you'd bank on to get the studio back on track. 

Moreover, BioWare will need all hands on deck for Dragon Age, which looks like it very well may decide the fate of the entire studio at this point. 

EA Icetide event brings snowy vistas to Anthem Icetide event brings snowy vistas to Anthem

It is quite ironic, though, that Wilson would chalk off BioWare's "blip" to "pushing deeply into innovation and creativity", because Anthem's unfortunate owners have seen very little of it. 

You can learn more via Bloomberg .

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