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BioWare is ceasing Anthem development

Published: 20:12, 24 February 2021
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Anthem NEXT will not become reality even though BioWare and EA originally promised so after the game's trainwreck of a launch.

Anthem was released in a terrible state where it suffered from game-breaking glitches, barebones content and a general feeling of boredom across the player base. However, the devs didn't appear to be ready to just let the game die off and they promised Anthem NEXT, a large scale project that would give the looter shooter a new chance at succeeding.

Not so long ago, however, ominous rumours popped up where several people pointed out that the big shots in EA would be talking about the future of Anthem during a board meeting. Their decision was not known officially until February 24, 2021, when BioWare announced they would dump the rebirth project .

In short, they stated that working from home due to the pandemic put additional strain on resources and they didn't want to put "undue stress" on their teams. If true, at least that part is a good thing as the devs will be less likely to become stress casualties in the future.

BioWare's focus will be aimed at Dragon Age and Mass Effect franchises as well as keeping Star Wars: The Old Republic updates coming in. 

Following the disaster that was Mass Effect: Andromeda, Anthem became the second game in a row that BioWare wanted to fix but ultimately discarded. 

This sets an uneasy precedent and asks the question of whether we can expect their future titles to be polished or ever reach the level of quality we once loved the studio for.

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