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Anthem director gives an update on Javelin gameplay and builds

Published: 19:23, 28 October 2020
Anthem, Character sheet overview
Anthem, Character sheet overview

Anthem director Christian Dailey has posted a lengthy update on one of the most common complaints the team has heard, which is that Javelin builds are not as satisfying as they should be.

As a result, Bioware are trying out different things for so-called Anthem 2.0 and while these are work in progress, the team wanted to share them and get more feedback from the still pretty passionate community. 

When it comes to builds, Dailey listed the following changes they're trying out:

  • Choice and Experimentation in your Loadout
    • All items are categorized to one of the 11 available equipment slots
    • Weapons are either Primary or Secondary, allowing distinctiveness in their role
    • Mods and Artifact slots replace Components
    • Manage Equipment and Abilities in your Loadout Screen

When it comes to Javelin builds, the team want abilities to be unlocks rather than drops, and they can be empowered by equipping Mods. Builds will be defined by the synergies of Specialisations, Abilities and Equipment, and while inscriptions improve build synergies, they're no longer the primary factor. 

With Anthem 2.0, Bioware want to provide choice and progression through skill trees in a way where:

  • Each Javelin can level up, awarding Skill Points
  • Skill points can be spent to unlock Abilities, Passives, and Stat Boosts
  • Each Specialization has its own Advanced Skill Tree

EA Anthem, overhauled skill tree Anthem, overhauled skill tree

Each Javelin now comes with a powerful Artifact, which you can customise to better suit your playstyle, but here it is straight from the horse's mouth. 

"Artifacts are pieces of super powered tech that set your Javelin and Freelancer apart. Each Javelin type would have a distinct Artifact catering towards its class fantasy. For instance, your Ranger’s rocket pod would be upgraded into the Skyfell Launcher Artifact, a pair of back-mounted pods that transform into powerful rocket launchers", Dailey wrote.

These Artifacts even change in appearance depending on what parts you equip, and the parts contribute to the powerful passive ability generated by the Artifact. 

EA Anthem artifact Anthem artifact

You can find the full blog post here .

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