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New World will allow players to dye skins in future update

Published: 18:55, 06 December 2022
Amazon Game Studios
New World - Player with a skin and Crasus with his fancy armour
New World - Player with a skin and Crasus with his fancy armour

New World devs tackled some of the most asked and aggressive questions in the latest dev diary, providing great information about the game's future.

New World features a lot of cosmetic options but they are often limited in ways that make them undesirable to the players.

Most of the armour skins are not actually appealing and those that are, often end up overpriced which happens to be the case with the latest bundles that cost almost twice the price of the actual game .

However, the thing that most players hate about the cosmetics system in the game is that the armour skins cannot be dyed and Amazon Game Studios recently confirmed this will be dealt with.

In the Community Q&A video, the team was asked whether they would introduce the ability to dye skins when the transmog system arrives and the answer was a really enthusiastic "Yes".

Since the game already features some skins that have the potential to be good but the colour schemes don't fit with the players' fantasy, this will definitely help make the store and promotion cosmetics feel better to wear.

This is also great news for the transmog system itself because it would feel pretty bad if the armour pieces we turn into skins couldn't be dyed anymore. In any case, the players can now rest easy, even though many of the cosmetic items still look hideous.


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