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New World is getting $75 skin bundles next month

Published: 11:45, 24 November 2022
Amazon Game Studios
New World - Winged Knight appearance set
New World - Winged Knight appearance set

After a series of updates and additions that returned the fans' faith into New World, the game might be getting some controversial ones as well.

Amazon Game Studios updated the news page for New World with the upcoming store offerings, which include a few football-themed emotes.

Personally, I found it hilarious that next to the two football emotes, there was one where the player is faking grievous injuries that ultimately lead to their "death".

One less funny change starts on December 2, 2022, four days before the Turkulon event ends, when the store will see the return of some armour skins that used to be available in the past.

Namely, these skins will be added through overpriced bundles and there is no indication they will return as singular purchases like they used to be on the initial release.

The bundles are going to set the players back 75,000 Marks of Fortune which translates to somewhere around $75 / € 75. Just like with any premium currency, there are various amounts that you can purchase and depending on the bulk of your order, the conversion to real-life money can be weighted to make it appear less costly.

Amazon Game Studios New World - A look at the Ennead New World features beautiful vistas all over the place

With price tags like that, we have to ask ourselves whether these transactions should be called "micro" anymore since the bundles cost more than the game itself, even when it's fully priced.

Speaking of which, New World is 50 per cent off on the Steam Autumn Sale and the price will likely be slashed again when the Winter Sale kicks in. Unlike the cosmetic bundles, the game is well-worth the price of admission so if you were on the fence before, now would be a good time to grab it.


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