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Latest Dragon Age 4 trailer yaps some more about Dread Wolf

Published: 08:01, 05 December 2022
Dragon Age Inquisition - Solas
Dragon Age Inquisition - Solas

BioWare hyped up Dragon Age fans and then promptly proceeded to disappoint them in a trailer that rehashed existing promotional material.

BioWare desperately needs a win and they are probably banking on Dragon Age 4 being the thing the studio needs but several creative directors later, there still isn't much of the game to be shown to the public.

The trailer that was released for the recent Dragon Age Day, themed around the Dread Wolf, has once again rehashed the marketing material that's been used for years instead of showing actual gameplay, despite the implication in the title.

Even worse, we already knew who he is, years before DA4 was announced, so the whole thing feels even more stale.

Anyway, the new trailer talks about the Dread Wolf, who he is and how different people perceive him as if the character needed any more introduction for anyone who played Inquisition.

Solas, as we've known him, is the Elven deity Fen'Harel that is concerned with the well-being of the entire race, which has been oppressed by humans for a very long time.

He has managed to deceive the entire Inquisition about his true identity so there is definitely stock in his title of Lord of Tricksters and he is now trying to tear down the veil between the Fade and the material world.


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