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New World: Return to Aeternum event explained - date, participants and rewards

Published: 01:31, 26 October 2022
Amazon Game Studios
New World - Return to Castle Zombiestein
New World - Return to Castle Zombiestein

Amazon Game Studios found a rather ingenious way to promote New World without aggravating the existing players.

New World is getting fresh start servers on November 2, 2022, at which point the Return to Aeternum event will start, with the expiration date set for November 18.

Just like with the Brimstone Sands update, it is expected that the hype train will cause an increase in the number of concurrent players and therefore queues of people trying to log in.

Instead of providing streamers with privileged access that would antagonise the regular players, Amazon Game Studios came up with a system that takes the best from both worlds.

Namely, the featured streamers will get their own server where they can invite their followers to join and each team will get special tasks to complete, in order to unlock rewards for the viewers, without disrupting the regular servers' queue. In other words, this is a win-win-win situation.

First, the streamers will be divided in four teams:

  • Trees Company
    • Smashley, Towelliee and KingGothalion
  • The Bald and the Beautiful
    • Asmongold, Xaryu and Redbyrd
  • Knights of the Coconut
    • Dhalucard, Tonton and The P4wnyhof
  • Shifting Sands
    • Yoda, Rakin and jhoonlna

Amazon Game Studios New World - Some loot and interesting fight to be had here after the gate puzzle One of the drops includes a greatsword skin that is properly sized

Each team gets eight objectives and when they complete them, a Twitch drop will unlock. At that point, a new set of objectives will appear for the second drop and so on, until the event concludes or all objectives are complete.

As for the Twitch Drops for the viewers , there are four sets that include skins for armour, weapons and a few useful consumables for the weary adventurers.


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