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New World devs are looking into improving melee combat in large-scale fights

Published: 12:36, 25 October 2022
Amazon Game Studios
New World - It can get chaotic for melee players
New World - It can get chaotic for melee players

New World's state of PvP is a bit annoying when it comes to ranged possibilities so Amazon Game Studios will look to give melee users a few options as well.

Muskets have been extremely annoying in New World large-scale PvP because they can often just stay safe very far behind their team or even behind fortifications while causing extremely high damage to the enemies.

During the last dev update, the team noted they are looking into ways of dealing with musket glass cannons and the changes mostly revolve around melee combatants being able to defend themselves.

First, the muskets should deal less stamina damage when the shot is blocked, allowing shield or greatsword wielders to effectively defend themselves.

Second, blocking in group combat is currently being looked at, especially when in group combat, in order to make melee players safer so when you get into a whole mess of AoE markers that include healing pulses, buffs, debuffs and damage-dealing circles on the ground, you still have a way to survive, provided you are running the correct loadout.

Amazon Game Studios New World - Players vs dragons in Brimstone Sands Chucking arrows from a safe range is cool for the bow user but boring for the rest

Additionally, flamethrower mana consumption will go up, providing even more safety for those who like to jump in the face of lightly armoured opponents.

Finally, Outpost Rush scoring will be rebalanced to incentivise players to do things other than picking off enemies with a bow or musket from time to time.

While talking about Ooutpost Rush and the arenas, AGS also noted they currently have no plans for group finder for either activity which may come as a disappointment but cross-server OPR should balance it out.


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