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New World roadmap update delays leaderboards, heralds transmog and more

Published: 10:24, 25 October 2022
Amazon Game Studios
New World - Skin change in progress
New World - Skin change in progress

New World needs more time to deliver one of the most anticipated features but the devs announced plenty of awesome additions at the same time.

Leaderboards are something that the New World fans have been craving for quite a while. With an interesting action-based combat system, it was only a matter of time before people wanted to start competing with each other.

The system was supposed to arrive around the same time as the Brimstone Sands update according to the last roadmap but it had to be updated as Amazon Game Studios will need more time to deliver it properly.

While that is sad news for everyone, the devs announced more works in progress, such as a new expedition, raid, seasonal event, Outpost Rush improvements, gear set management and a transmog system.

The new expedition is coming "in the next few months" and it will be a mix of the first two expeditions we wandered into - Amrine Excavation and Starstone Barrows. AGS noted the mix here has something to do with mechanics so expect laser dodging and more.

As for the raid, they didn't reveal too many details but they did say the giant worm we see in Brimstone will be something we will fight. Oh and you can get it to damage you right now, if you stand at the exact spot where it bursts from underground.

Amazon Game Studios New World - A look at the Ennead New World - A land of pretty landscapes and (soon) pretty looks

Winter Convergence event is coming back in December and we will have another opportunity to earn a bunch of useful rewards as well as cosmetics.

Gear set management and transmog systems are also coming so the future looks bright for those who are having trouble with managing their inventory and those who don't like the looks of their gear. AGS also suggested you keep the pretty-looking armour pieces as you will need them for transmog.

Finally, there are the upgrades for Outpost Rush, which will allow the game mode to be played between servers, hopefully reducing the queue time in the process. Cross-server instances will not long after that.


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