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Men of War 2 trailer highlights the game's biggest features

Published: 03:01, 02 November 2022
Best Way
Men of War 2
Men of War 2

Men of War 2 devs and publishers released a new video where they explain some of the biggest features that will be present in the game.

Fulqrum Publishing and Best Way released a dev diary video for Men of War 2 , detailing some of the game's signature features that will be present when it launches in 2023.

Frontline is one such example, which will split the entire map into two parts, one controlled by the allies and one by the enemy. Depending on which side of the border the units are, they will get different abilities which will keep the gameplay fresh through semi-randomisation.

Additionally, AI has been enhanced and balanced to adhere to the new parameters set by the modifiers which should give players a lot of time to practice.

As far as multiplayer goes, there will be plenty of support as the planned features include options for tournaments, leagues, personal ratings, customisable lobbies, dedicated servers and more. The devs also noted that auto-reconnect will be around once again, allowing players to resume a match even after experiencing connectivity issues.

Going with the competitive modes, the matches can be played in various rulesets where players can face off one on one all the way up to five versus five. Teamwork will be crucial and the game will offer the chance to specialise into one part of the army, giving the multiplayer participants the option to solely produce one type of units while the allies take care of the others.

Men of War 2 will keep the mod support from the original and the devs will provide a set of mod tools that should be pretty interesting to see.


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