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New World now allows more than one character per server

Published: 11:26, 29 April 2023
Amazon Game Studios
It's party time in New World
It's party time in New World

One of the restrictions that may be weird to MMO players is being removed from New World.

New World has had a one-character-per-server policy since the release, which may make sense given the game's infrastructure and how the classes work.

After all, switching from a bruiser to a healer is one loadout swap away and having two characters could technically double the amount of storage you have on a server.

Players still didn't like the restriction and Amazon Game Studios are finally doing away with it.

With that in mind, the only remaining restriction in place now is that players can only create up to three characters per region but with players having three slots by default, this shouldn't pose any problems.

Additionally, Fresh Start characters can now be transferred to legacy servers, meaning you can hop your riches over from the ghost towns that were once a highly requested feature.

Amazon Game Studios New World - Zander Zander's gear is not unequipped, it just barely protects anything

On top of that, the team applied a bandaid to the issue with load-outs that unequipped gear upon using the feature by forcing the inability to unequip gear in specific situations.

AGS noted they are still looking into a proper fix that will not cause inconvenience to the players.

New World, an open-world MMO by Amazon Game Studios

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New World, Aeternum sure looks appealing!


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