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Stalker 2 devs donate 100 Volkwagen transports to Ukrainian army

Published: 00:53, 29 April 2023
GSC Game World
Stalker 2 - There is the guy that plays kind of an important role
Stalker 2 - There is the guy that plays kind of an important role

Stalker 2 developers have partnered up with other organisations to make a significant donation for the defence of Ukraine.

Stalker 2 is still in development after a very long period of announcements and a marketing campaign, although this is understandable since the developers were based in Kyiv, Ukraine.

Unfortunately, the country was invaded by Russia which prompted a relocation by some of the developers and others going to the front line but the game is still coming along and GSC Game World are not stepping away from the country's defence.

The studio recently donated a pile of vehicles for the army to use while repelling the invaders.

In partnership with the esports organisation Na'Vi and MK Foundation, they collected funds for purchasing 100 Volkswagen Transporters and then donated them to the army, where they will undoubtedly serve a worthy purpose.

According to the official announcement, the first batch is already at the disposal of the defenders, most notably of the Da Vinci Wolves unit, who recently showcased what kind of hell is currently unfolding around Bakhmut.

The devs announced they are proud to assist the armed forces of Ukraine which comes as no surprise, given the fact that one of their own already paid the ultimate price in the defence of the aforementioned city.

As for the game itself, there are currently no news about the ETA or any showcase but keep an eye out since the summer showcases are just around the corner and we doubt Stalker 2 will miss the opportunity to showcase more of the newest iteration of the Zone.


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