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AGS reveal how long it takes to complete New World battle pass

Published: 03:26, 28 February 2023
Amazon Game Studios
New World - Outside the Monarch Bluffs
New World - Outside the Monarch Bluffs

New World battle passes are almost here and now we have a rough idea on how long it will take to complete them.

New World is switching to the battle pass system soon , meaning players will have the option to pay to grind for cosmetics and convenience items, which was not accepted that well by everyone.

Some players were worried the grind for the battle pass will be too long and tedious and Amazon Game Studios  tried to put that issue to rest in the latest episode of Forged in Aeternum.

One of the questions asked by the players was pretty direct - "How long will it take to complete the season pass?".

According to AGS, New World pass will take around 60 hours for a casual player. Since it lasts for three months, this would average at 40 minutes of pass grinding per day.

Additionally, the devs confirmed one will be able to complete the pass by doing solely PvP or PvE but the progress will be faster the more activities the players are willing to participate in.

They also wondered if someone will be able to complete the pass in a single day, which the team immediately seemed worried about so it's possible it will take less time if a player is seeking to speedrun the battle pass.


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