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New World season pass overview: pricing and rewards

Published: 16:00, 22 February 2023
Amazon Game Studios
New World - Season pass
New World - Season pass

Season passes are coming to New World and here is what you can expect to see in general.

Season passes are coming to New World on March 28 and they will consist of 100 tiers of rewards for each track - free and premium.

Amazon Game Studios noted they don't want the pass to be pay to win so anything that has an effect on gameplay and can be gained through the premium track can also be acquired elsewhere, at no extra cost.

Speaking of costs, the premium track is one of the most expensive battle passes around, standing at 20,000 Marks of Fortune, which is roughly $20. Players can earn 2,500 Marks through the free track and another 5,000 through the premium one, which gives you about $7.5 rebate if you grind enough.

The free track contains seasonal weapons while the premium track will provide unique cosmetics that stem from the seasonal weapons themselves. For example, during Fellowship and Fire season, the weapon cosmetics will have fiery effects on them.

Amazon Game Studios New World - An example of a stamp card Completing stamp cards will help greatly with advancing Season Pass

All the season pass rewards will go away when the season concludes, which adds an element of FOMO to the whole concept. We are sure the players will not be pleased with this caveat.

There will be three months per season to complete the battle pass so you might want to plan ahead and allocate the time for New World or other games in your library.


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