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New World leaderboards get a tentative release window

Published: 09:16, 26 January 2023
Amazon Game Studios
New World - Isabella taking a beating
New World - Isabella taking a beating

New World is getting one of the most anticipated features soon but the fans are a bit skeptical about the current schedule.

When Amazon Game Studios shared the 2023 roadmap for New World , many players found themselves disillusioned for various reasons - some that warranted scepticism and some that weren't as worrying.

For example, the roadmap wasn't entirely detailed which caused fans to worry that not many updates are coming but AGS cleared that up in a later video.

However, one example where worry was warranted was the lack of leaderboards in the imminent future.

This has changed with the latest PTR cycle, which is currently going on. If you want to check out leaderboards, just log into the PTR client and hop in.

Additionally, this means leaderboards are heading to live servers in a couple of weeks so it's safe to expect them in early to mid-February 2023.

Amazon Game Studios New World - A greatsword against the sand wurm might as well be a dagger New World - Can't wait for raids though

Some players are still unsure whether the fan pressure pushed AGS to release leaderboards ahead of the planned time which could lead to underdeveloped features and rewards.

There is only one way to find out though - get PTR, test it and see whether you can provide any feedback for the developers who have proven in the past they listen to the players.


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