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New World is getting several improvements for PvP

Published: 06:05, 17 January 2023
Amazon Game Studios
New World - Rapier user ready to duel
New World - Rapier user ready to duel

New World is getting rid of one of the biggest issues it's facing in PvP which should be good news for everyone, on top of changes that were requested by the community.

Amazon Game Studios have a pretty good track record of listening to community feedback, which was once again confirmed in the newest episode of Forged in Aeternum.

This is where New World players send a bunch of questions or simply post them around social circles and then the devs picked them up and answer.

One of the biggest issues New World PvP has is the inability to read which AoE spell effects are friendly and which belong to the enemy.

This leads to confusion in Outpost Rush and Wars since the bruisers don't really know if they will get healed by a circle or if it will heal their opponent. More importantly - will that snowfall slow the player down if they go through and do they need to go around it?

None of these questions will matter when the game gets different colours for spells cast by allies and enemies, which should result in more reliance on skill and less on a game of guess.

OPR players will also be happy to learn of the planned nerfs for muskets but the devs didn't really specify how this will happen and whether this will affect musket players who are actually moving around the map instead of camping an elevated rock.

Scot Lane also confirmed there will be no hippos in New World. At least in 2023.


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