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New Overwatch 2 hero Lifeweaver abilities leak

Published: 07:37, 04 April 2023
Overwatch 2 - Lifeweaver the plant-based support
Overwatch 2 - Lifeweaver the plant-based support

Someone at Blizzard jumped the gun and revealed Lifeweaver's abilities ahead of time.

Overwatch 2 's Season 4 started leaking just before it was to be officially revealed and that included the first of the two support heroes that are coming this year.

Blizzard seems to have revealed the info a little too early on Facebook and the cat is now out of the bag, shortly before the grand reveal.

Lifeweaver will offer an interesting mechanic that may make him useful in a teamfight even if he has just respawned.

Petal Platform creates a spring that launches a hero in the air once they step on it. The platform works for both friendly and enemy players.

Life Grip will shield an ally and pull them to Lifeweaver's position. While it's obviously useful, we can see a griefing potential here, especially in Total Mayhem.

Healing Blossom is the healing ability that apparently doesn't require much aim but strategy and positioning are paramount. This appears to be his primary fire.

Blizzard Overwatch's Hero 31, a.k.a. Sigma Sigma is getting a Mythic skin in Overwatch 2 Season 4

Alternate fire is Thorn Volley that will damage enemies on impact.

Rejuvenating Dash is the repositioning tool that heals Lifeweaer while Parting Gift is the passive that causes him to drop a healing item upon death. Both teams can pick this up.

Tree of Life is the ultimate and it can be placed anywhere on the map. As long as it's active, the tree will heal allies in the vicinity while providing cover and cutting sight lines. Since it can be placed "anywhere on the map", it is possible that a prolonged engagement can be salvaged even if Lifeweaver died previously, if he manages to place the tree correctly just after he respawns.


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