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Two consecutive support heroes are coming to Overwatch 2

Published: 02:43, 28 March 2023
Overwatch - Ana's new skin from Anniversary 2021
Overwatch - Ana's new skin from Anniversary 2021

Support players may have not seen that much love in Overwatch 2 but Blizzard is ready to compensate for it.

Blizzard recently spoke about some of the balancing issues in Overwatch 2 , which included the unenviable place the supports found themselves in as DPS heroes just kept bullying them due to the lack of additional protection from the second tank.

Aaron Keller looked back at some of the changes that help improve the supports' quality of life, such as better passive for the class and a nerf to DPS heroes that reduced chances of getting bullied significantly.

However, some of the future plans at Blizzard may be the cherry on top as Keller stated that the next two heroes are both supports.

The quote is a direct continuation of the comments about the aforementioned DPS nerfs and support buffs.

"...we feel like the Support role is in a much better place now, and will continue to improve as we add two new Heroes to their ranks in Seasons 4&6"

Blizzard Watch Overwatch League matches to earn exclusive rewards! Sojourn was the last DPS hero to be added to the roster

This also means Blizzard revealed the hero release schedule for the entire year due to the hero release schedule. Heroes are released every second season, meaning the first of the two supports is coming in April 2023 with Season 4.

In Season 6, which is expected in October 2023, the second support will kick in and then Season 8 is supposed to arrive in January 2024 where a presumably non-support hero will be released.

Naturally, changes in plans may or may not occur but if the season cadence remains the same, the aforementioned schedule means no DPS or Tank heroes in 2023.


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