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Need for Speed Unbound opens to abysmal sales in UK

Published: 01:51, 06 December 2022
Need for Speed Unbound's start isn't too flashy
Need for Speed Unbound's start isn't too flashy

Need for Speed's latest entry is not doing very well when it comes to physical copies, which is an issue that could reflect the sentiment on the digital market as well.

Need for Speed: Unbound launched without much pomp which may or may not have affected the first-week sales that are much less than stellar.

EA is likely to be unimpressed with the game's debut week as Unbound is down 64 per cent when compared to Heat, which was released in 2019.

Despite the highly nostalgic vehicle that is a nod to one of the best entries in the series, Unbound failed to capture the audience in the UK when it comes to physical sales.

Considering we are in 2022 when most sales are actually digital, there could be some room for doubt about the game underperforming but if you take a look at the player count and the number of reviews on Steam, it is hardly worthy of one of the biggest franchises in the video gaming industry.

Krafton Knockout those pesky stutters in The Callisto Protocol with these potential fixes The Callisto Protocol did better but still not great

It was generally a flimsy week for new releases as Callisto Protocol was only at number seven when it comes to physical sales in the UK, even though it was greatly anticipated as the spiritual successor to Dead Space series.

Still, it is much better than the 17th place NFS: Unbound found itself in , especially when you consider that The Callisto Protocol was plagued by numerous issues at launch.

FIFA 23 and Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 are rooted at the top of the ladder, just like they were in the week before.


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