The Callisto Protocol: How to fix crashing on PC?

Published: 09:23, 02 December 2022
Updated: 09:25, 02 December 2022
The Callisto Protocol has some serious performance issues on PC
The Callisto Protocol has some serious performance issues on PC

The Callisto Protocol is finally out across all platforms and sadly, it's not without serious performance issues, from stuttering, and low FPS to crashing. Here are some potential solutions on how to fix the latter.

Striking Distance Studios have built The Callisto Protocol on a modified version of Unreal Engine 4 so you're gonna get a lot of those annoying shader compilation stutterings and some crashes here and there. 

While the day one patch seemed to have solved a lot of performance issues, The Callisto Protocol is still far from an ideal experience, especially on the PC platform.

There are some things that you can do to make the game run better and crash less often. These are not guaranteed to purge the issues entirely,  as it's up to the devs to fix the game, but try them nonetheless. 

The Callisto Protocol crashing fix

  • Update your graphics card drivers

Yes, we know, the classic one but you'd be surprised just how important is to update to the latest version of your graphics drivers. You can download the drivers here: AMD | Nvidia .

  • Lower the graphics quality in-game

The Callisto Protocol is a very demanding game, especially if you're pushing for High or Ultra quality. These two presets will melt your GPU so make sure to lower the quality preset or resolution to give your hardware a little breathing room.

Striking Distance Studios The Callisto Protocol screenshot The Callisto Protocol looks amazing but runs very poor on PC

  • Turn off the monitoring software and overlays

If you're using monitoring software like MSI Afterburner, AMD Adrenaline or Nvidia GeForce Experience to show FPS, capture screenshots and record gameplay, try turning these off, since many games have issues with the mentioned apps, especially if you have the overlay on. Also, make sure to turn off the Steam overlay. 

  • Close the unnecessary background apps

Anti-virus software, Discord, apps for your RPG lightning and similar can cause issues that lead to crashing. Make sure to close these under the Processes tab in Task Manager.

  • Verify the integrity of game files on Steam

Right-click on The Callisto Protocol in your Steam library, then Properties and click on Verify the integrity of game files under the Local Files menu.


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