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Need For Speed fan calls out nonsensical announcement, gets mocked by EA

Published: 12:47, 23 November 2022
Updated: 11:29, 24 November 2022
Need for Speed: Unbound
Need for Speed: Unbound

EA still seems to be in the "don't accept criticism and just mock the players" camp as the promotion campaign for Need For Speed Unbound apparently included mocking a fan that wasn't satisfied with preorder shenanigans.

Need for Speed: Unbound  has already raised the price tag for a AAA game as it will be sold for $70 / €70 rather than the usual 60 but unlike the pricing, some other things remain the same.

The grass is green, ice cream is great, EA wants more money and they don't accept criticism from the players who give them said money in the first place.

Having previously censored chat and celebrated not following fan feedback with Battlefield V , EA and its subsidiaries took a break from PR blunders for a few years but now it looks like they are ready to do it again.

A tweet from the official NFS account announced they "listened" to fan demands and pushed another promotion for paying an extra $10 / €10, on top of the aforementioned inflated price, for three-day early access.

One fan rightfully asked what exactly they listened to and what the fan demand was in the first place, at which point the social media person in charge of the NFS account decided to start mocking them. 

The replies from both sides continued throughout a tweet chain where the random anonymous fan kept looking like the composed and sane party in the conversation while the official account of one of the biggest franchises in gaming kept pushing the edgy, condescending and frankly - insulting narrative.

EA Need For Speed: Unbound - Graffiti effects Need For Speed: Unbound - How do you do, fellow kids?

If a video game can be released for "early access" a few days before the full launch, it means it was ready for a full release at that time. Therefore, the correct wording here would be that you are forced to play later unless you pay extra to fix a problem the company made intentionally.

With that in mind, the edgy attempts at meme responses by the Twitter person ended up sounding even more obtuse and tone-deaf. Then again, it's hardly the first time EA behaved this way .

UPDATE: The same Twitter account has later apologised for crossing the line .


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