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Moon and Dreaming city weapons returning to Destiny 2 with new perks

Published: 11:28, 25 June 2021
Destiny 2 - Dreaming City weapons
Destiny 2 - Dreaming City weapons

Bungie announced a list of weapons that will be reissued soon in Destiny 2, offering some new perk combinations to shooters we saw before and some can get extremely powerful.

Destiny 2 is returning more weapons to the loot pool. The newest batch of reissued firearms will be from the Moon and Dreaming City locations but they will have new perks added to the list, for what could potentially be devastating combinations. All of these weapons are planned for return on July 6, 2021.

Moon weapons that are returning with new perks are:

  • Loud Lullaby 
    • Tunnel Vision 
  • One Small Step 
    • Trench Barrel 
  • Tranquility 
    • Frenzy 
  • Arc Logic 
    • Heating Up 
  • Dream Breaker 
    • Cornered 
  • Every Waking Moment 
    • Killing Wind 
  • Love and Death 
    • Chain Reaction 
  • A Fine Memorial 
    • Adrenaline Junkie 
  • Night Terror 
    • One for All

Loud Lullaby is a 120 RPM Hand Cannon that can roll with Multikill Clip. With the addition of Tunnel Vision to the perk pool, having a combination of these two will result in a PvP monster that has incredible handling and can two tap enemies at long range. The drawback here is the slow reload speed but with Ophidian Aspect or Marksman's Dodge, you could get around that easily. Now just to get the correct rolls.

Arc Logic can basically gain laser precision after a takedown with Heating Up and if it rolls with Rampage or Rangefinder, you could easily score some surprise kills on enemies that underestimate this weapon.

A Fine Memorial can become pretty awesome in PvE, provided you're running some Grenade build, like wearing Young Ahamkara's Spine on a Hunter. That way you could pretty much have the damage boost activated 100 per cent of the time for the machinegun.

Dreaming City weapons and their new perks are:

  • Tigerspite 
    • Frenzy 
  • Twilight Oath 
    • Vorpal Weapon 
  • Abide the Return 
    • Thresh

Tigerspite with Frenzy will be spicy in both PvE and PvP. It's only a shame it can't roll with Subsistence.

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