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LoLdle quote of the day solution - A Draining Exercise

Published: 03:18, 19 November 2022
Riot Games
League of Legends champion Vladimir - Cosmic Vladimir Splash art
Cosmic Vladimir

LoLdle is throwing a curveball to the fans as the quote today may be misleading for those not well versed in League of Legends puns.

League of Legends is filled to the brim with puns that originate from devs, champions, casters, players or a combination of all of the above as  Riot Games went all in with this type of joke.

Because of this, confusion might erupt on LoLdle quotes from time to time and this was possibly the case on November 18, 2022.

The quote, "A draining exercise", could be mistaken for one spoken by any of the numerous athletically fit champions in the game but the actual solution is Vladimir since this hemomancer just can't stop talking in puns. At least he can be positive, it's his type after all.

Meanwhile, the solution for the classic riddle is a bit simpler. We were given the following clues:

  • Gender - Male
  • Position(s) - Top, jungle
  • Species - Human, Iceborn
  • Resource - Mana
  • Range type - Melee
  • Region(s) - Freljord
  • Release year - 2010

Riot Games League of Legends - Olaf League of Legends - Olaf

Since Freljord has only a handful of human males, it wasn't hard to guess the champion in question is Olaf, who can be played as either jungler or top laner.

In the ability icon, someone wielding a claw-like weapon is clearly visible so it's kind of obvious the champion using this ability is Zed. It is his passive, Contempt for the Weak.

Splash art is that of Star Guardian Taliyah, which can be hard to guess at first since the long hair hints towards Jinx.


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