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League of Legends - Patch 12.22 All Buff and Nerfs

Published: 06:33, 18 November 2022
Riot Games
League of Legends - Rammus
League of Legends - Rammus

Patch 12.22 is already being tested on the PBE. The buffs and nerfs, though, are what interest us the most. Whether these are all we'll be getting, or some new things are going to be added, is still up in the air.

League of Legends patch changes must first be tested on the Public Beta Environment servers, before going live. So, due to that, we have the option of knowing which champs Riot Games are buffing and nerfing, before the patch goes live.

There is also the option of trying out the new skins, of the Fright Night skin line , for free once they go live on the rest of the servers. However, the details regarding the buffs and nerfs interest us more.

The full champion buffs we will be receiving in patch 12.22 are:

  • Ivern
    • [P] Friend of the Forest buffs:
    • Health cost reduced 131-70 >>> 98-0 (based on level) base HP
    • Mana cost reduced 135-66 >>> 90-0 (based on level) base mana
    • [E] Triggerseed shield on Daisy killing dragons will no longer break dragon soul and terrain
  • Kindred
    • [Q] Dance of Arrows bonus attack speed increased 25% >>> 35%
  • Amumu
    • [E] Tantrum buffs:
    • Base damage increased 75/100/125/150/175 >>> 85/110/135/160/185
    • Coooldown reduction increased 0.5 >>> 0.75 seconds per hit
  • Maokai
    • [E] Sapling Toss buffs:
    • Empowered slow AP ratio increased 2% per 100 AP >>> 4% per 100 AP
    • Empowered health ratio increased 0.6% >>> 0.9% bonus HP
  • Rammus
    • [W] Defensive Ball Curl buffs:
    • Bonus armor increased 40 >>> 50
    • Bonus MR increased 10 >>> 15
  • Shaco
    • [W] Jack in the Box boxes deal bonus damage to monsters again

Riot Games League of Legends - Ivern League of Legends - Ivern lost a lot with Smite healing removal

In this patch, there are no scheduled champion nerfs as of this moment. However, there are some system changes, both buffs and nerfs that are being put into place:

  • Jak'Sho, the Protean
    • Voidborn Resilience buffs:
    • Resistances per second increased 2 >>> 3
    • Total resistances increase at max stacks increased 10% >>> 15%
  • Radiant Virtue
    • Guiding Light buffs:
    • Basic ability haste increased 15 >>> 20
    • Heal increased 1% >>> 2% max HP
  • Rod of Ages
    • Cost reduced 3200 >>> 2800
  • Ravenous Hydra
    • Cost increased 3300 >>> 3400
    • Carnivorous AD per stack reduced 0.6 >>> 0.5

As we can see, the only one receiving a nerf in the entire patch, will be the new ravenous Hydra, whose stacking has been getting out of hand recently. Now, if only they could do something about Heartsteel as well.


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