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LoL Esports: TSM in LEC rumours flare up as a potential franchsing spot sale leaks

Published: 10:36, 17 August 2022
Updated: 10:39, 17 August 2022
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League of Legends pro scene might get spicy as one LEC team is looking to sell their spot, which could open doors to numerous organisations, including TSM.

TSM has been competing in NA LCS since the early days, and as such, boasts a massive fan base despite many employees finding working with Reginald as pleasant as sitting on a cactus and a head coach stealing players' money.

Despite the issues surrounding the management, TSM's brand name still makes waves whenever it appears in League of Legends communities, even if it's in rumours of rumours.

In the latest of such happenings, Upcomer reported that Astralis is looking to sell the LEC spot , which attracted the attention of several organisations, including one from North America.

Karmine Corp and NAVI were listed as some of the interested parties while The North American organisation remained unnamed, which immediately sparked conversations about who that might be.

A different report previously alleged that TSM were considering joining LEC but they never went through with it. That was enough for the fans to start with wild speculations, which may lead to people considering rumours to be announcements.

The bottom line is that nothing is official yet but due to Wooloo's track record so far, it's only a matter of time Astralis officially announces the sale of the LEC spot.

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If that deal goes through, they will be the second organisation to sell their LEC spot this year, the first one being Misfits, whose spot was acquired by Heretics.

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