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League of Legends Zeri is Getting Nerfed Again in Patch 12.16

Published: 01:57, 17 August 2022
Riot Games
League of Legends - Zeri
League of Legends - Sticks and stones may break my bones, but nerfs will never hurt me

How many times will Riot Games release a champion that is impossible to balance out? This season, that champion is Zeri, and she has been present in almost every patch note since her release.

Riot Games added Zeri to League of Legends in patch 12.2 and she is probably the closest thing to what players think of when they say OP, as they've made a champion that is so overloaded-filled with everything that she has become a staple pick in both eSports and SoloQ, and yet developers have no idea how to fix her.

It's currently patch 12.15, and patch 12.16 is just around the corner. We can count out how many patches Riot Games did not need to change anything about Zeri far quicker than the other way around.

Even worse, the patches where Zeri received no changes, Riot was thinking up ways of balancing her out:

  • Nerfed in patch 12.3
  • Nerfed in patch 12.4 with immense changes
  • Hotfixed in patch 12.5
  • Nerfed in patch 12.7
  • Hotfixed in patch 12.7
  • Buffed in patch 12.11, which Riot did when her skin was released
  • Hotfixed in patch 12.11
  • Nerfed in patch 12.12
  • Hotfixed in patch 12.12
  • Nerfed in patch 12.14
  • Nerfed in patch 12.16

Riot Games League of Legends - Withered Rose Zeri League of Legends - New Skins is when champions get buffed, with no exceptions

The mains of this champion have found several things that could be changed with the champion, such as making her Ultimate ability not an infinite one, to make her easier to balance out, but Riot Games have not taken into account any of the feedback up until now.

Makes us wonder if Zeri will continue to be OP indefinitely, or if she will go down the path of Ryze.

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