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LoL Esports: Team Heretics acquires Misfits' spot in LEC

Published: 08:07, 28 July 2022
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League of Legends - Miss Fortune

Misfits, one of the more popular teams in League of Legends, is leaving the scene and the organisation taking their spot will be a Spanish giant.

League of Legends esports scene can be quite hectic when it comes to the rights to participate in the top flights of the esport, depending on the region. With Misfits leaving the scene, it will be only one more in the line of organisations that sold their spot to another.

Rumours about the Misfits departure started a bit earlier, with several organisations competing for the right to buy their LEC slot - KOI, K-Corp and Team Heretics. According to the official announcement, Misfits chose to sell to Team Heretics after going "through an extensive selection process.

It appears the selection process didn't involve checking the team's ongoing controversies, including the failure to pay their photographer or severance pay to their former Valorant player. 

Keep in mind that Riot Games reserve their right to veto the sale and if the controversy gets out of hand, it's not out of realm of possibility that they will launch an investigation and exercise said right.

If none of that happens, Team Heretics will take the spot from the next season so there is still the remainder of the Summer Split to enjoy the ride with Misfits, who have been competing in LEC since 2016.

Riot Games League of Legends - Nilah with her Urumi League of Legends - Nilah with her Urumi

It is currently unknown if any of the players will stay on the roster on Team Heretics take over.

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