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League of Legends Udyr Rework Gameplay Trailer Confirms New Abilities

Published: 22:56, 05 August 2022
Riot Games
League of Legends - New Udyr look
League of Legends - His body type fits a Freljordian warg

The Udyr rework is finally coming to League of Legends, and soon, and is no longer a far away possibility. The gameplay trailer, on the other hand, tells us what it will look like.

Previously, we knew that Udyr will become the embodiment of the League of Legends Freljord demigods, or at least will draw his abilities from them. The latest gameplay video released by Riot confirms that fact.

What we knew previously is that when Udyr’s Bear stance is Awakened, your next two auto attacks will arc chain lightning to your primary target and then spread to nearby enemies, as it originates from Volibear.

In addition, we also knew that his Phoenix stance originates from Anivia, so it will be ice-theme rather than fire-themed, like in the past. It will still be an area of effect, but it will likely slow in addition to dealing damage, the way Anivia's Q ability works, which has been confirmed with the gameplay trailer.

Riot Games League of Legends - Ashe arrow and Morgana binding can do nothing to Udyr's Ram Form League of Legends - Ashe arrow and Morgana binding can do nothing to Udyr's Ram Form

What the gameplay trailer showed us, that we didn't know beforehand, is the other two stances and what they can do for Udyr, once awakened.

What used to be his old Bear Form is now a Ram, matching Ornn, and allows Udyr to ignore all CC and charge much like Ornn's own ultimate does.

On the other hand, his old Turtle form seems to be the Iron Boar, and the only of the 4 demigods we don't currently have in the game is Ildhaurg, the Warden of Sacrifice. Its effects aren't as obvious as the previous three, but it seems that it makes Udyr far tankier than he has any right to be.

To top it all off, all we have to say is, that the champion rework embodies his quote "Life is in the struggle, not the victory."

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