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Udyr's abilities after rework will have additional effects

Published: 07:41, 11 January 2022
Riot Games
League of Legends - New Udyr look
League of Legends - His body type fits a Freljordian warg

Just looking at Udyr's champion model tells you enough about the amount of love he has received from Riot since his release. Hopefully, his rework will make him stand shoulder to shoulder with newer champions.

Gameplay clarity is really important in League, and developers knew Udyr would be challenging because they needed to look at each of his four stances as separate from each other, but still connected, because they needed to feel like Udyr in order to be clear in-game.

His previous abilities were connected to mythical, or mundane, animals. However, his new rework will have his abilities originate from in-game demigod and divine champions, such as Volibear and Anivia, which will change some of their animations and effects.

His passive ability, Awaken, will now project spiritual energy around him, with every changing of his four stances.

When Udyr’s Bear stance is Awakened, your next two auto attacks will arc chain lightning to your primary target and then spread nearby enemies, as it originates from Volibear.

Riot Games Udyr - Freljord demigods inspired stances Udyr - Freljord demigods inspired stances

His Phoenix stance originates from Anivia, so it will be ice-theme rather than fire-themed, like in the past. It will still be an area of effect, but it will likely slow in addition to dealing damage, the way Anivia's Q ability works.

His other abilities, up until now, have not been revealed, but we can expect them to be similar to his Bear and Phoenix stances, with additional effects on top of their old ones. Riot are aiming to have all of his stances originate from Freljordian Beasts, so it remains to be seen where they will have his Turtle and Tiger stance originate from, with Ornn being a likely prospect.

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