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League of Legends Devs Speak on Healing Changes

Published: 02:56, 30 July 2022
Updated: 03:12, 30 July 2022
Riot Games
Aatrox is looking cool in his new splash art following the champion rework
League of Legends - Once Aatrox stops hitting abilities and still wins, there is a problem

In the last 4 patches, Riot Games have tried to balance out healing, and nothing they do is good enough for the players. So, they share their thoughts with the fan base.

Simply put, satisfying healing mechanics in League of Legends are typically frustrating for opponents to play against. Watching an opponent burst heal through your damage output and survive is typically a frustrating experience, no matter how much Riot Games nerf it, or try to balance it.

Healing in League can also be snowbally . Healing spells are often fairly ratio and level driven to ensure that they remain at a satisfying value throughout the game. Secondly, healing can also take the form of Lifesteal or Omnivamp, which directly scales with how ahead you are.

Combined, these effects can result in champions that are ahead feeling “unkillable”, due to their healing outpacing your damage.

As it stands, Riot tend to separate healing into two primary categories. The first category is for champions that have a majority of their power in healing and it’s tied to their gameplay identity, such as Aatrox, Soraka, Dr. Mundo, Red Kayn and others, and these are “Core Healers”.

Riot games League of Legends champion Soraka splash art League of legends - Soraka is getting both direct and indirect nerfs these days

The second category is where healing is included in a champion’s kit, but is not a primary source of power such as  Nami, Ahri, Irelia and others, who are referred to as “Incidental Healers”. All of these, however, share a similar trait. That is the fact that, once healing outpaces the need for using the kit to the full extent, healing nerfs are in order.

On the topic of anti-heal, Grievous Wounds exists as an outlet to prevent healing stacking from being an uncounterable strategy. While players shouldn't have to opt into Grievous Wounds items over other, more exciting options, it’s a necessary mechanic to prevent a team of 5 healers from resulting in a degeneration of League’s gameplay.

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