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League of Legends Udyr Rework Reveals His Spirit Guard Skin

Published: 03:14, 19 April 2022
Riot Games
League of Legends - New Spirit Guard Udyr Skin
League of Legends - New Spirit Guard Udyr Skin is what Udyr's playstyle will now look like as well

Udyr's rework has got to be the most hyped League of Legends thing in the last few seasons. Then, its no wonder that we are hanging onto every new information that comes out with bated breath.

There isn’t much to say about Udyr's rework that wasn’t covered in the last update, developers say, as he’s still out in the Freljordian wilds, communing with spirit animals.

However, while saying that, they announce that the base Udyr is finished at this point and now they are focusing on his skin catalog, with most of the team working on his Spirit Guard skin. Due it being an Ultimate skin, it stands to reason that Riot are giving it their all to make it live up to that name.

One of the goals for Spirit Guard is to keep some of the essence of old Udyr, so to do that it will represent the time he spent training in Ionia, and will also use the same animals as pre-VGU Udyr, that is the Tiger, Bear, Turtle, and Phoenix, compared to the new ones depicting Runeterran demigods.

Riot Games League of Legends - New Udyr look League of Legends - New Udyr look

The developers say that they want Spirit Guard Udyr to immortalize his old animal forms, while also changing them up to fit the modern skin standards.

And, though they did not want to spoil any more information, the concept art they left us with speaks volumes. We can even infer, from the differences of the new Spirit Guard skin, compared to the new base Udyr, that the new Udyr will be a far wilder existence than the old one we are used to, which is interesting to say the least.

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